One Platform, Unlimited Networks and Applications

We provide a simplified monitoring and automation system for companies, social enterprises and non profit organisations interested in deploying sensor solutions such PayG, Prepaid meters and Telematics. We advise and take away the high cost and specialized skill needed manage data and control these devices ensuring you focus on what you do, whether that involves 10, 50, 1000 or even 50000+ devices.

We Simplify Business!

We offer scalable and market tested IoT and technology based solutions, with a focus on African problems that businesses can franchise and modify to suit their products and services.

Our "Develop once and scale" approach:

  • Mitigates the high risk and investment for product development.
  • Reduces the time needed for proper market research.
  • Focuses on local support of solutions, avoiding lead time and opportunity cost.

For small and medium scale enterprises within the continent, allowing them to remain lean and competitive.

Products and Services

Outsourced device management

We offer outsourced device management services for your existing infrastructure.


Payment systems for automation solutions using mobile money, card or digital currencies.

Meter Data Management Systems

Software solutions to collect and analyse smart meter data.

Advisory and research & development

We advise on the most appropriate automation solutions to suit your organisational workflow including design services and system integration. .