Water Metering

This solution offers to measure flow rate, amount of water discharged and level of water in the storage tanks linked to our backend for analytics. The solution is viable for utilities, horticultural farms among others.

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Energy Monitoring and Control

We offer a unique hardware and software (cloud/on-premises) solution that collects real-time consumption of single and three-phase power viewable on a web dashboard. Our offering is poised for use in mini-grids and industrial power analysis among others where internet connectivity is unreliable.
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Air Quality Monitoring

This solution is viable for greenhouse operators, horticultural farmers, health and environment departments of local governments, and foundations with a keen interest in ambient and in-door air quality.
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Product Design

We help you by advising you of value that IoT and sensors within your business workflow its contribution to your bottom line and by designing custom made IoT solutions to fit specific needs and requirements.

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